Our Mission

The International Community is an organization of young people from all around the world whose purpose is to provide training, connections, co-operation and consultancy in the field of international politics, peace and policy making, promoting (and discussing) democracy, human rights, diversity, equality, solidarity values, helping young people in gaining professional skills, international experience and knowledge in the political sphere, exchanging of expertise and ideas, mentoring of leaders of the political industry.
Our Vision

Our idea is to create a platform for training young people online. We conduct events, trainings and meetings to gain professional experience, knowledge and skills. We believe that creation of dialogues between members of the organization with professionals and experts is crucial for creating a new politics. We would like our members to participate in the organization of international events. Our goal is to establish organization’s departments in each country to support system-wide coordination of youth action at the national level. We would like to cooperate with other international and national organizations to exchange our experience and hold events.

Our core

19.03.2021 - an initiative was created, which was supported by more than 130 young politicians. We understand that only through mutual support, development and the acquisition of the necessary experience and knowledge, we can collaborate for the common good of the whole world. This applies to areas such as equality, diversity, peace, conflict resolution, human and child rights, democracy and social issues.

We plan to organise social projects that will contribute to the improvement of life in our society.

One of our top priorities is to create a political class that is better prepared, more representative of democracy and people, more aware of world needs, better adapted to the challenges of the future, in fact better politicians and better leaders.

We, as politicians, consider it our duty to improve ourselves in order to make our society better.

Our members